Centre for Technical Proper Function of Vehicles

The Center for Technical Correctness of Vehicles (TIV) began its work in 1985 as part of a scientific research unit - the IFC Institute. The IFC Council, by its decision No. 01-137 / 1 (February 12, 1986), formed an expert commission with permanent, temporary members and a list of experts who are hired as needed. Since 1988, the Center has been working within the Department of Motor Vehicles and Engines and expert commissions are composed of members of the Department.

Until February 12, 2013, the activity of the Center was determined by the DECISION ON AUTHORIZATION FOR TESTING OF VEHICLES ON MOTOR DRIVE AND CONNECTING VEHICLES WHICH ARE SERIOUSLY OR INDIVIDUALLY PRODUCED AND REPAIRED BY THE COMMUNITY and communications and the Republic Committee for Goods and Services and on the basis of Article 130, paragraph 1 of the Law on Road Traffic Safety ("Official Gazette of SR Serbia" No. 53/82 and 15/84) and published in the Official Gazette of SR Serbia no. 24/85 of 6 July 1985 years. The mentioned decision was replaced on May 12, 2005 by a new Decision by which the Center was authorized to issue Certificates, Certificates and Certificates after inspection and testing of these vehicles.

By Decision No. 221-335-00-02194 / 2013-05 of 25 February 2013, the Traffic Safety Agency, after inspecting the fulfillment of the conditions, authorized the TIV Center of the Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac to test motor and trailer vehicles, measuring and issuing certificates on the correctness of devices and equipment for propulsion of vehicles on liquefied petroleum gas in accordance with the law. According to this Decision, the Center for TIV, in accordance with the Rulebook on vehicle testing, performs: Controlling the fulfillment of the prescribed conditions for motor vehicles and trailers that are individually produced or modified, ie for their devices, assemblies and equipment in accordance with: the Law on Road Traffic Safety and the Ordinance on the division of motor vehicles and trailers and technical conditions for vehicles in traffic on the roads.

Within these controls, the TIV Center performs:

  • Testing of individually produced vehicle;
  • Complete vehicle testing;
  • Testing of a modified vehicle:
    • Change of vehicle type or variant,
    • Change of vehicle type,
    • Installation of drive unit (engine),
    • Installation of devices and equipment for propulsion of vehicles on alternative fuels (liquefied petroleum gas-LPG, compressed natural gas-CNG),
    • Installation of a device for connecting a towing and trailer vehicle,
    • Installation of devices (controls) for driving a vehicle of a person with disabilities,
    • Installation of auxiliary devices for driver training,
    • Replacement of the control of the control device and other commands directly related to the vehicle control process from the right to the left side of the vehicle,
    • Installation of a protective cab or frame on the tractor,
    • Testing of vehicles for which the technical data in the traffic license are not known or have been entered incorrectly,
    • Testing of revitalized vehicles, and
    • Testing of retrofitted devices on the vehicle.
  • Control of motor and trailer vehicles imported as used.

The conditions under which the TIV Center performs testing services - quality control of vehicle compliance with standards and legal norms are:

  1. Conditions for testing individually or serially manufactured or modified road vehicles;
  2. Conditions for control of motor and trailer vehicles imported as used;
  3. Legally binding document on the conditions of control and handling of confidential information.

In addition, the address (http://www.abs.gov.rs/odeljenje-za-ispitivanje-vozila) of the Traffic Safety Agency (ABS) of the Republic of Serbia contains all the information for submitting requests for testing / control and fees that the user has to pay to the ABS account.


On June 14, 2012, the Accreditation Body of Serbia awarded the University of Kragujevac, Faculty of Engineering, the Center for Technical Correctness of Vehicles, accreditation for performing control activities in accordance with the standard (SRPS ISO IEC 17020: 2002) for the appropriate scope of accreditation. Based on the Decision of the ATS no. 5/2015 of 8 January. In 2015, the TIV Center moved to a new edition of the SRPS ISO IEC 17020: 2012 standard. On June 13, 2016, the Accreditation Body of Serbia made a decision to renew the accreditation in the appropriate scope of accreditation and issued a new Accreditation Certificate.
1. Scope of accreditation of the Center for TIV;
2. Certificate of accreditation.


The Traffic Safety Agency, after inspecting the fulfillment of the conditions of Article 3, item 6 of the Rulebook on vehicle testing, which refers to the conditions for the staff of an authorized legal entity, verified the following associates of the TIV Center:

Prof. Dr. Božidar Krstić, - manager of the Center
Prof. Dr. Jovanka Lukić,
Dr. Jasna Glišović, Assoc. prof.
Dr. Danijela Miloradović, Assoc. prof.
Dr. Aleksandar Davinić, Assoc. prof.
Associate Sasa Milojevic, MA
Dr. Nenad Miloradović, Assoc. prof.
Dr. Ivan Miletić, Assoc. prof.
Nadica Stojanović, assistant
Dr. Ivan Grujić, assistant,
Secretary Jelena Damnjanović, technician


The working hours of the center are from 08:00 to 14:00.


Price list of services at the Center for TIV


Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac, Center for TIV, Sestre Janjić Street 6, 34000 Kragujevac.


(034) 335 990 locals: 626, 687, 707, 733; i
Phone. / fax (034) 336 005
Fax: (034) 333 192
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Manager of the Center - Prof. Dr. Božidar Krstić

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Faculty of Engineering          University of Kragujevac

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