The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac was formed at the initiative of the former Kragujevac district and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Belgrade, by the regulation of the Executive Council of the Assembly of People's Republic of Serbia, No. 522 from October 1st, 1960, as a department of the faculty of mechanical Engineering from Belgrade. The Department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering started to work on October 9th, 1960, at the facilities of the First Gymnasium in Kragujevac. The first lectures in mathematics were held by prof. Bozidar Djerasimovic, Ph.D., on October 10th, 1960. The first head (dean) of the Department of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering was prof. Branislav Ilic, M.Sc.

New buildings of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering were built on the field near the Upper Park in 1962, while the final moving into new buildings was conducted on January 5th, 1963. Built facilities consisted of 5.600 mof classroom space and 700 m2 of laboratory space.

By the construction of the facilities, necessary conditions for successful work and development of the Faculty were obtained. The first results were visible after several years: on October 10th, 1964, the first final work was defended (by Milos Kojic), on November 23rd, 1968, the first master's theses was defended (by Aleksandar Kuzmanovic) and on June 24th, 1969, the first doctoral theses was defended (by Branislav Devedzic). This has started the process of creating the Faculty's own teaching staff as a basic prerequisite for Faculty's independence.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac became independent faculty within the University of Belgrade on December 2nd, 1971.  The first Dean of the independent Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac was prof. Dusan Simic, Ph.D.

Since 1976, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac is a member of the University "Svetozar Markovic" of Kragujevac, now the University of Kragujevac. Since the foundation to the present, the Faculty has been intensively developing and still is developing with significant spatial, personnel and material recuperation. By building of new objects in 1987-1990, the process of spatial recuperation was rounded so that the total area of all Faculty's buildings was 15.000 m2, 8.000 m2 of which belonging to laboratories, centres, construction offices, computer rooms and similar classrooms.

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Since 1960, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has contributed significantly to faster economic and social development, not only of Kragujevac, the Republic and the country, but also of many companies around the world. This contribution may be seen, in the shortest and the simplest way, through the following several characteristic data (until October 20th, 2005):

  • A large number of candidates had obtained different titles at the faculty, as follows:
    • mechanical engineer - 1023 candidates,
    • mechanical engineer of the first degree - 94 candidates,
    • graduated mechanical engineer - 2830 candidates,
    • specialist in technical sciences - 16 candidates,
    • master of technical sciences - 213 candidates,
    • Ph.D. in technical sciences - 93 candidates,
  • hundreds of topics of fundamental, applied and development level were realized, and a multitude of scientific and expert papers were made known and published at congresses, conferences, symposiums and seminars of national and international characters and in leading national and international journals,
  • a large number of scientific, educational, monographic and other types of publications, important for carrying out the educational and scientific activities and for innovation of knowledge of the Faculty associates and economy experts  were published,
  • Faculty is publishing two international journals ("Mobility&Vehicle Mechanics - MVM" and "Tribology in industry") which contribute to spreading of scientific thought in the country and abroad,
  • Faculty has developed and is still developing a cooperation with many scientific and other institutions from the country and abroad, trying to provide all the necessary prerequisites for education and training of its teachers and associates,
  • Faculty is a carrier and conductor of the several international projects like FP, EUREKA, COST, TEMPUS, EURECNA, WUS, and other projects,
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Even this small part of the achieved results shows that the Faculty of mechanical Engineering from kragujevac is an institution rich in tradition and with impressive results, recognized in domestic and foreign circles.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac has been decorated with the Medal for merit for people with silver gleam (in 1985), for special merits and sucess achieved in education of experts and scientists, for contribution to economic development and progress of the country and for other significant results.

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