Erasmus+'s contact persons at the Faculty of Engineering are associate professor Aleksandar Aleksic (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and assistant professor Nenad Kostic (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). 

Announcements of activities and offers of student mobility can be found on the University website:

Implemented activities within the ERASMUS + program during the winter semester of the school year 2021/2022

The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Kragujevac actively participates in the implementation of the Erasmus + program through many activities, and predominantly through the teaching process.

During the winter semester of the current school year, within the mentioned program, 6 students from Spain attended classes at our faculty. The students who participated in the exchange are full-time students of the Universities of Madrid and Jaen.

Also, the process of selection of students and teachers from our faculty who applied to go on an exchange within the program was performed.

In addition to the implementation of teaching activities performed by teachers from our institution, Prof. Dr. Adis Muminović from the University of Sarajevo has also delivered online lectures provided by the mobility program.


Bachelor academic studies

  1. Fluid Mechanics - summer semester
  2. Thermotechnics - summer semester
  3. Energy and Environment - winter semester
  4. Energy and Environmental Management - summer semester
  5. Technology and Plants for the Water and Air Treatment - summer semester
  6. Geographic Information Systems - winter semester
  7. Heating and Air Conditioning - winter semester
  8. Solid Waste Management - summer semester
  9. Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship Management and Economy - summer semester
  10. Production Systems - summer semester
  11. Internet (WEB) Application Development - summer semeste
  12. Renewable Energy Sources - winter semester
  13. Soil Mechanics - winter semester
  14. Electrical and Electronics Engineeringsummer semester
  15. Concrete and Concrete Structuressummer semester
  16. Introduction to Computer Aided Design (3D Product Modeling) - summer semester

Master academic studies

  1. Design of Information Systems and Databases - winter semester
  2. Integrated Management Systems (IMS) - winter semester
  3. Calculation Methods in Product Developmentwinter semester
  4. Tribology of Machine Systemssummer semester
  5. Computer Aided Designwinter semester
  6. Theory of Elasticity - winter semester
  7. Industrial Design - summer semester

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