Department for Energy and Process Engineering

Brief history

The department was established in 1987, as a result of the efforts of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering to respond to the challenges of competition in the field of academic education and research in the field of energy and process engineering. Energy and process engineering major started its work in parallel with the emergence of the Department.  The founders and the first members of the Department were Svetislav Stojkovic, Ph.D., full professor, Milun Babic, Ph.D., associate professor and Milorad Bojić, Ph.D., assistant professor.

Professor Svetislav Stojkovic, Ph.D., had been the Head of the Department between 1987 and 1994 and had greatly contributed to improvement of the Energy and process engineering Department and Major, in personnel, teaching, scientific and research sense, with his creative and encouraging engagement, both as a manager and a professor, until his retirement.

The Department today

The Department for energy and process engineering has three full professors, one associate professor, four assistant professors, one junior teaching assistant, one research associate and several after graduate students participating in the realization of research and practical training.

The Department organizes and conducts classes on academic and vocational studies on:

  1. Major in Energy and Process Engineering and
  2. Major in Energy and Ecological Management.

Studies on these majors are organized in accordance with the Bologna Convention and provide the opportunity for students to gain applicable and very modern knowledge, through the appropriate orientation and good scientific-expert guidance, from the following areas:

  • Energy and environmental technologies;
  • Process technologies;
  • Industrial hydraulics and pneumatics;
  • Thermo-technique;
  • Energy and ecological management.

Special emphasis in education of students is put on their training for team work and for the use of modern computer tools for calculations, design and simulation of process.

The realization of practical training and research work is carried out in the Laboratory for energy and process engineering, that has divisions for: energy and environmental technologies, process technologies, electric-hydraulics and pneumonics and thermo-technique, and in centres: for energy efficiency, for rational energy management, for air conditioning and solar technique.

In laboratories and centres, seminars for innovation and improvement of knowledge in the field of energy efficiency, rational use of energy, management of energy flows and energy and ecological management, are held for directors of companies, designers, all types of engineers, economists and users of energy equipment, with a special emphasis on corrective, pro-active and preventive maintenance of equipment and facilities.

A brief review of scientific-research and teaching results

Since the establishment, 126 diploma works, 7 specialist works, 19 master theses and 15 doctoral dissertations were defended at the Department. During that period, the members of the Department had realized 134 R&D projects, studies and expertises of international, national, regional and local importance, and had introduced in industrial production 96 new products, plants and technological procedures.

Scientific research activities of the Department were directed at: research and application of optimal organizational solutions in the field of energy- and eco-management, for large, medium and small enterprises; development, design and the introduction in the industrial use of devices and procedures for measurement and control of energy consumption; development modern of procedures for optimization of vapour-condenser systems; research of operation and design of furnace pusher; research and development of procedures to optimize the operation of small, medium and large boiler plants and vapour-turbine aggregates in energy plants; research and development highly efficient energy machines and equipment for dedicated needs and for wide consumption; research, development and design of coal refinement plants; research and development of systems for water, oil, natural gas and air distribution; research and design of devices and systems for air conditioning in buildings, transport means, process plants and container driers for agriculture; research and design of anti-cavitation, self-intake, double acting vane pumps and other special pumps; research and design of turbo-compressors and fan for working with explosive gases; research and design of small and micro hydro electric power stations; research and design of industrial air dispensers, industrial ovens, driers and automation for regulation of temperature in the process and thermal plants, research and design of regulation turbo clutches, automated gears for vehicles and construction machinery; research and design of systems for ore flotation, driers in which explosive materials are dried, air cyclones, industrial finishing shops, air conditioning systems in passenger wagons and passenger transportation vehicles; research and design of automated systems based on hydro- and pneumo- logic; development of expert systems in the field of energy flows management; development of a software for one-dimensional, two-dimensional and three-dimensional real-time simulation of circuit and energy flows in piping and turbo-machines; development of a software for design of pumps, compressors, vans and turbines; research and development of solar devices and implementation of energy audits in industry, municipal systems and construction.

The Department has a very broad and fruitful cooperation with a number of scientific-professional groups, with a large number of reputable domestic and foreign institutions that have similar activities as the Department, and with a network of Euro-centres for energy efficiency, while graduate students of Energy and process engineering major have found employment very easily in the country and in international corporations.

Head of the Department: Dr Nebojsa Jovicic, professor

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