Service for Information-communication Technologies

Service for information-communication technologies of the Faculty of Engineering from Kragujevac is a special organizational unit of the Faculty, formed in order to build, maintain and improve the shared computer information and communication systems, as a modern support of educational and scientific-research activities of the Faculty.

Service for information-communication technologies is responsible for the following functional systems of the Faculty of Engineering:

  1. Internal computer communication network (LAN)
  2. Public access to Internet via computer network of the Faculty

  3. WEB presentation of the Faculty

  4. Computer equipment of the services at the Faculty

  5. Computer equipment at Dean's office

  6. Computer equipment at student's classrooms and shared Laboratory for information technologies

  7. Telephone communication network and video surveillance

  8. Student's information system

  9. Shared equipment for copying, printing and scanning of technical documentation

Operation of the service is realized according to the Book of regulations for operation of  service for information-communication technologies of the Faculty of Engineering. 

Contact Information

Faculty of Engineering          University of Kragujevac

Sestre Janjić street, no. 6 - 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia

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