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Education at the Department has begun in 1962/63 school year, by transition of the first generation of students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering to the second level of studies. Title, nature and objectives of the Department had changed in accordance with the development of the Department: from Preparative production course (1962), through Organizational technological course (1966), Course of production and organization (1974), Course of production engineering and organization (1980) to the Course of production engineering (since 1989 until today). Education at the Course of industrial engineering has begun in year 2000.

Today, the Department for production engineering combines and realizes the teaching process:

  • at academic studies for courses of Production Engineering and of Industrial Engineering and
  • at vocational studies for courses of Production Engineering, of Maintenance of Technical Systems and of Industrial Engineering.

The following laboratories belong to the Department, within the scientific-research unit:

  • Laboratory for metal machining and tribology (LOMT) and
  • Laboratory for metal forming and machine materials.

The following centers were developed from the activities of the Laboratory for metal machining and tribology and the Department for production engineering:

  • Center for terotechnology,
  • Center for computer integrated management (CIM Center),
  • Center for tribology,
  • Center for quality,
  • Center for revitalization of the industrial systems,
  • Center for integrated development of products and processes and intelligent systems,
  • Center for recycling of the used PC equipment.

Members of the Department have given a huge contribution in the field of scientific research. Especially standing out are the projects developed for the needs of many companies such as the majority of the "Zastava Kragujevac" factories, "FAM Krusevac", "Electric power industry of Serbia", "Copper rolling mill Uzice", "Sartid Smederevo", "FRA Cacak"...Especially noticeable is the project of the machines for the inner and outer milling produced by "Zastava machines". The product, creation of prof. dr Svetislav Zahar and a group of associates, has won a golden medal at the International fair of machine tools and economic achievements (BIAM 82) in Zagreb.

The Department has organized many scientific meetings and symposiums of national and international character, such as: Production engineering symposium (the 5th in 1969 and the 19th in 1985), Yugoslav conference on tribology - YUTRIB (the 1st in 1989, the 9th in 2005), BALKANTRIB (in 2005) YUMO (1998), Festival of quality (the 1st in 2003, the3rd in2005), etc.

A small part of modern equipment: computerized machine for testing the characteristics of material, ZWICK/ROELL Z 100 (produced in 2003) and modern system for roughness testing (TAYLOR-HOBSON)

Journal "Tribology in industry"

Journal roots stretch to the first announcements of the Laboratory for metal machining and tribology of the faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac entitled "Metal machining and Tribology". From 1974 until 1977, 10 issues of the announcemets were published. In 1979, a Journal "Tribology in the industry" was initiated as a journal that deals with the tribology problems. Four issuess were published every year and the editor in chief was prof. dr Branislav Ivkovic. Since 1996, journal has been published in two versions: in Serbian - as "Tribologija u industriji" and in English as "Tribology in Industry". The editor of the journal in Serbian language is prof. dr Branko Ivkovic, while the editor of the journal in English language is prof. dr Miroslav Babic.

Conference on tribology - "SERBIATRIB"

The First Yugoslav Conference on tribology was organized in 1989. with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kragujevac - Department for production engineering and Yugoslav tribology society as organizers. That was the first time that a wide circle of scientists and experts from all fields of science and technology engaged in tribological problems was gathered in former Yugoslavia. Programs of the conferences, that were held every second year, included the modern areas of tribology, starting from the basics of tribology processes, through materials, tribology systems elements, machining systems tribology, tribometry, tribodesign and similar, to modern tribological information systems.

Festival of quality

Every year, since 2003, the Festival of quality has been organized with the task of announcing and exchanging knowledge, ideas, information and experience in exercising the functions of quality management in small and medium companies, large companies and scientific-research institutions. Thus, the Faculty is being included in the National Quality Improvement Program, which main goal is to contribute to successful appearance of the national economy on domestic and international markets, and, therefore, to faster transition of the whole society.

Head of the Department: Dr Srbislav Aleksandrović, professor

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