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The Center for Terrotechnology is a profit-oriented organizational unit of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac. It was established on October 7, 1993, by the decision of the Council no. 01-460 / 4 and is one of the oldest centers at the faculty. The founder and manager of the Center is Prof. Dr. Branislav Jeremic. The starting point for the establishment of the Center for Terrotechnology is contract no. 01/92 of 8 September 1992 on business and technical cooperation between Zastava Zastava Automobili. d. d. Kragujevac and the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac, all with the aim of optimal joint use of available resources such as staff, space and equipment. In a relatively short time, the Center managed to multiply its material base and technical equipment, strengthen its staff and gain references through a large number of realized projects and jobs directly contracted with the economy. By investing the largest part of the acquired profit in modern equipment, the base of activities has been significantly expanded, and similar institutions in the developed countries of the West are role models for this direction of development. The center is best equipped in SCG for diagnostics of technical systems and education with practical training. All the above has provided the Center with leadership in our country, and today it represents one of the leading institutions, not only in theoretical and scientific terms, but above all in the part of concrete, realized and exploited confirmed development projects, research and implemented diagnostic procedures.

The activity of the Center for Terrotechnology takes place in a wide area of ​​basic research, multi-disciplinary research, realization of diploma theses, master's theses and doctoral dissertations, education of students and experts in business. Cooperation with the economy through the provision of a range of services in the wider field of maintenance of technical systems is, in addition to education, one of the priorities. Teaching The Center conducts complete classes (lectures and exercises) in the following subjects: Terotechnology, Maintenance Engineering and Technical Diagnostics. Equipping the Center with teaching films and the most modern systems for visual presentation, transparent models, didactic equipment and sophisticated diagnostic systems enables teaching according to world standards.

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 Interior and a small part of the educational equipment in the Center


Graduation Theses, Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations

In the previous period, more than 30 diploma theses, 12 master's theses and 5 doctoral dissertations were realized in the Center, mainly through experimental research. Organizing and conducting professional seminars with practical training As part of the training of business professionals working on maintenance, the Center for Terrotechnology organizes professional seminars with practical training (hands-on) in the following areas: pneumatic components and systems (three levels of courses), hydraulic components and systems (two levels of courses), automatic process control and diagnostics of technical systems All seminars last an average of 4 days and are adapted to the professional needs of the participants and constantly monitor technological achievements in the areas covered. Modern teaching aids (teaching films, transparent models of real components and systems) are used to conduct the seminar. All educational equipment is of very high quality and comes from renowned world manufacturers.

In the previous period, about 40 professional seminars were organized, which were successfully completed by over 600 participants. Research within the projects financed by the competent ministry So far, 6 projects have been implemented or are in the process of research. The main results of this research are three products. At the same time, one is generally new in the world and the other two in our country.

Implementation of Scientific and Professional Knowledge

In the previous period, over 50 practical projects were realized with socially-owned and private companies. .d, Somboled, FAD, Metalac.a.d, Cementara Kosjerić, etc. The most frequently implemented projects were related to the optimization of maintenance systems and the implementation of technical diagnostic programs.

Review and Testing of Work Tools from the Aspect of Safety at Work

According to the authorization of the competent Ministry of the Republic of Serbia, the Center for Terrotechnology, continuously since 1996, performs a fast, efficient and high-quality inspection of work tools from the aspect of application of prescribed occupational safety measures. In addition to the above, there is also an authorization for testing noise and vibration in the working and living environment. Accordingly, tests of newly manufactured imported and reconstructed work tools (machines), work tools that are subject to periodic inspections and work tools that are in use, and do not have the appropriate technical documentation in terms of safety at work. In accordance with a very rich experience, the Center also provides expert advice to companies engaged in the production or major reconstructions of technical systems. Organizing professional meetings and technical presentations.

The crown of the work of the Center for Terrotechnology is, without a doubt, the organization of the conference Maintenance of Technical Systems in Kragujevac from 20 to 22 May 1998. An impressive number of 550 participants and 35 exhibitors representing production programs of more than 50 domestic and foreign companies is, according to all estimates, one of the largest and best organized technical gatherings after 1990. Also, continuously organized presentations of foreign companies with a production program in the wider field of maintenance of technical systems.

Multidisciplinary research in the field of biomedical engineering
This complex research is conducted in cooperation with the Faculty of Medicine and the Clinical Center in Kragujevac. The most notable results are: introduction of new methods in clinical practice in the world, protected patents in the European Union and Serbia and Montenegro, published monographs of international and national importance and published scientific papers and defended three master's theses and doctoral dissertation at the Medical Faculty in Kragujevac. Research is underway on a functional model of another generally new global product for clinical practice, as well as preparations for the protection of national and EU patents.
The Center for Terrotechnology at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Kragujevac, in addition to its regular activities, provides services of dynamic balancing - balancing of all types of rotors. After more than 10 years of active work on vibrodiagnostics, which included balancing hundreds of rotors of different rotary machines in their own bearings, the Center for Terrotechnology has expanded its offer of services in the segment related to rotor balancing on a balancing machine.

For this purpose, the Center for Terrotechnology is equipped with a balancing machine with elastic supports db Hofmann. The modern measuring platform PULSE from the world-famous manufacturer Brüel & Kjær is integrated on the balancing machine. The central part of the balancing system is the PULSE FFT Analysis 7770 software with the Two-plane Balancing Consultant 7790 module. After the balancing procedure, a Certificate of Balancing is issued for each rotor.

Basic technical characteristics of the balancing machine:

  • Rotor diameter up to 780 mm,
  • Range between supports up to 2600 mm,
  • Rotor weight up to 300 kg,
  • Continuous change of speed from 400 to 2200 rpm,
  • Balancing according to ISO1940.

In addition to rotor balancing services, we are also able to offer you rewinding ("winding") services of various types of electric motors and overhaul of electrical tools.

Contact us and request an offer. It is in our interest that you are satisfied with both the price and the quality of the service provided.

In the hope that you will find a reliable partner in us,

Prof. Dr. Ivan Macuzic, Director of the Center for Terrotechnology

Sisters Janjic 6, 34000 Kragujevac

tel./fax 034 / 331-772, E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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