Centre for Testing of Mechanical Gears

Activity of the Center

Starting from the fact that testing mechanical gears, and thus their assemblies and elements is a powerful tool of technical progress in mechanical engineering, the Center is qualified to test: gears, friction gears, belt drives, planetary gears, and other mechanical gears.

In accordance with the type and purpose of the examination, the Center performs:

  • Development tests. Tests of this type are intended for the development of a new product and are in accordance with the tests of the working ability and reliability of gearboxes and machine systems. The group of these tests includes tests on: accuracy, strength, wear resistance, degree of utilization ...
  • Standard control tests. Tests in this group are intended for standard control of gear units after installation or during operation, including:
    • control of gear unit composition after installation,
    • control during testing,
    • wear development control,
    • periodic inspection (eg vibration and wear products), etc.


Testing of mechanical transmissions is performed on:

  • experimental devices that allow testing in a wide range of operating modes,
  • real assemblies and machines.

The Center for Testing Mechanical Transmissions (CIMP) has a device for testing the efficiency of gears up to 0.25 kW and the number of revolutions in the range from 0 to 3000 min-1 with a magnetic brake. This device is used to test the degree of utilization of worm, cylindrical, planetary and other reducers whose dimensions correspond to the device.


Gear Utilization Tester (GUNT)

Also, the Center has a device for testing gear belts that works on the principle of "open power circuit". For the needs of this device, a mechanical brake has been specially designed and made, which can also be used for testing other mechanical gears.


Gear Belt Tester

The center is also equipped with a device for measuring the number of revolutions (stroboscope) UT-371, which measures in the range from 10 to 99999 min-1.

The Center also has a temperature measuring device ST-8855, which measures temperatures in the range from -50 ° to 1050 ° C.

image005 image007
 Stroboscope UT-371  Temperature measuring device ST-8855

So far, the Center has participated in the realization of several scientific research projects and the realization of a doctoral dissertation, two master's theses and several master's and final theses.

Center Manager - Dr. Blaža Stojanović, Associate Professor

Contact Information

Faculty of Engineering          University of Kragujevac

Sestre Janjić street, no. 6 - 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia

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