Centre for Testing and Calculation of Machine Elements and Systems - CIPMES


The Center for Testing and Calculation of Machine Elements and Machine Systems - CIPMES is located at the Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac in room C-IV-3. The center gathers all interested teachers and associates of the Department of Mechanical Constructions and Mechanization, and if necessary, other teachers from the Faculty are hired, as well as industry experts. The activities of the Center are related to scientific - research work (preparation of doctoral dissertations and writing scientific papers), permanent education (organizing trainings and courses for unemployed engineers, as well as engineers employed in the field of product development), publishing, cooperation with business...


Figure 1: Space of the CIPMES Center (C-IV-3)


  • Design of machines and devices,
  • Development of 3D models and technical documentation,
  • Parametric modeling,
  • Translation of documentation (2D in 3D and 3D in 2D),
  • Calculation of mechanical structures,
  • Structural analysis of structures,
  • Design of transmission equipment testing equipment,
  • Rapid prototyping,
  • Realization of trainings in the field of product development,
  • Publishing,
  • Issuance of certificates for machine elements and systems,
  • Organizing presentations of production programs of companies in the field of mechanical structures, power transmission,
  • Consulting...


  • Development of devices for testing couplings in vehicles as well as verification of test results for disc springs by the finite element method,
  • Design of a closed power circuit for testing gears,
  • Defining and calculating the new concept of the R-170 power distributor for the Zastava Iveco off-road vehicle,
  • Production of a large number of prototypes of mechanical power transmissions,
  • Publishing three textbooks, one collection of assignments and one monograph,
  • Certification of a large number of machine parts, devices, etc.,
  • Organizing nine trainings in the field of product development for unemployed people in Kragujevac, Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad...


  • Milling machine Roland MDX-40A.
Slika 2 Slika 3 Slika 4a
image013 Slika 4c image017

Figure 2: Made elements and assemblies

International and National Projects

International projects:

  • TEMPUS project "Improvement of Product Development Studies in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina" - 530577-TEMPUS-1-2012-1-RS-TEMPUS-JPCR"
  • Development of components and systems of engines and vehicles (research and development of new synchronization on gearboxes for new Zastava vehicles) (1998-2001),
  • Mechanics of composite materials (2002-2004),
  • Dynamics and management of active structures (2002-2004),
  • Real problems of mechanics (2002-2004),
  • Research and development of a new 4x4 wheel formula vehicle, total weight up to 4 tons (2002-2004).


  • Device for testing couplings in vehicles, ZASTAVA AUTOMOBILI - Institute for Automobiles,
  • Closed power circuit for testing gear transmissions, ZASTAVA AUTOMOBILI - Institute for Automobiles,
  • Analysis of constructions of planetary mechanisms from the program ”14. October ”from Kruševac by the finite element method,
  • Calculation and definition of the new concept of power distributor R-170 for off-road vehicle, Zastava Iveco,
  • Design of a two-stage cycloreducer of a new concept,
  • A large number of functional models of machine systems made through master's theses and doctoral dissertations,
  • Issuance of a large number of certificates for machine elements and systems (Auto RELI - Kragujevac, Metaloplastika - Kragujevac, Mermis - Kragujevac, Pakprom - Kragujevac, EMA - Knić Kragujevac...).


  • В. Nikolić: Mechanical Elements - Theory and Examples, 1995,
  • В. Nikolić: Mechanical analysis of gear elements - monograph, 1999,
  • N. Marjanović: Metode konstruisanja, 1999,
  • В. Nikolić: Mechanical elements - theory, calculation, examples, 2004,
  • В. Николић, З. Ђорorđeевић, М. Blagojević: Mechanical elements - collection of tasks, 2008.

The Most Important Results


  • Two-stage cycloreducer of the new concept,
  • Power distributor R-170 for off-road vehicle - ZASTAVA IVECO,
  • Closed power circuit for testing gear transmissions.


  • Calculation of mechanical elements using modern software (target group: mechanical engineers),
  • Special power transmitters (target group: mechanical engineers),
  • Power transmitters for renewable energy sources (target group: mechanical engineers),
  • Computer analysis of structures (target group: mechanical engineers),
  • Dynamic analysis of mechanical power transmissions (target group: mechanical engineers).
image019 image021

Figure 3: Training "Calculation of machine elements using modern software"

The section "Innovations of machine elements - NAME" was formed within the Center. The primary goal of the section is to prepare the students of the Faculty of Engineering for the competition in Mechanical Elements at the machine races (in the previous two machine races, our students won first place). Also, within the section, we organize additional work with interested students in the field of mechanical elements. We make models of machine elements and machine assemblies on the available equipment of CIPMES in order to facilitate mastering the material.

image023 image025
image027 image029

Figure 4: Members of the section "Innovation of machine elements - NAME" 


Figure 5: Winners of the 2014 and 2015 Machine Games from Mechanical Elements: Stefan Ilić and Marko Antonijević

Center Manager - Prof. dr Mirko Blagojević, dir. prof.
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Technical Secretary of the Center - Miloš Matejić, assistant
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