Centre for Heating, Air-conditioning and Solar Energy

Work program

The work program of the Center includes activities in the field of heating, air conditioning and solar energy. Also, the center is active in the field of Renewable Energy in Building, and in the field of application of Biomass and Geothermal Energy. The activities of the Center are related to scientific research, education, profession and publishing in these areas. The Center performs its activities for the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia, the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia, the European Commission for Science of the European Union, UNESCO and legal and natural persons.


Figure 1 - Developed prototypes for the production of heat and electricity from solar energy: (a) Hybrid collector, (b) Hybrid concentrator.

Available equipment

The Center has modern equipment for current, thermal and electrical measurements. This equipment is used for scientific research, teaching and field work when providing services to third parties. Among other things, the Center has the following measuring equipment: 1. ultrasonic liquid flow meter, 2. thermal imaging infrared camera, 3. infrared thermometers, 4. combined instruments for measuring humidity, temperature and air flow rate, 5. hot wire anemometers for flow measurement and speeds 6. manometers, 7. stroboscope, 8. light intensity meter, 9. pyranometer for measuring the intensity of solar radiation, 10. analog to digital converters for monitoring, automation, and control of measurements using a computer and 11. combustion product analyzer. The Center also has modern computer equipment for processing the obtained measurement results as well as mathematical simulations and optimizations in the areas of the Center's activities.

Activities (educational, scientific-research, publishing ...)

Scientific research activities include work on projects funded by domestic institutions (Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Energy, and Ministry of Environmental Protection), international institutions (UNESCO and the European Commission) as well as work on projects funded by private and social enterprises.

Educational activity

  • Education of students in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies in this field
  • Preparation of final papers, master's theses and doctoral dissertations in this field
  • Continuing education of graduate mechanical engineers in this field
  • Publishing textbooks, monographs and magazines in this field. Professional activity
  • Prototype development
  • Attestation and certification of devices and systems for GKSE
  • System design for GKSE
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Figure 2 - Developed installations (a) Geothermal heat pump with heating and cooling devices, (b) Installation for storage of heat and electricity

Within the scientific-research activity, the following projects are being realized and have been realized:

  • Framework 6 project with the Commission of the European Communities "Rural sustainable development through the integration of renewable energy technologies in poor European areas"
    NPEE708-1003B Development and research of a hybrid flat solar energy receiver for heat and power conversion.
  • NPEE9273003. Development of Solar Asymmetric Stationary Parabolic Concentrator for Electricity and Heat Production.
  • Development and research of a hybrid flat collector for heat and electrical conversion, Project EE708-1003B of the Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Serbia.
  • Framework 7 project. Energy Foresight Network.

The following topics are currently being covered within the center:

  • Application of optimization and simulation methods in district heating and buildings.
  • Application of COMIS software for the study of ventilation in a typical building in Serbia.
  • Application of optimization and simulation methods in Solar technology.
  • Optimization of the use of renewable energy sources
  • Zero-net energy building project

The following activities are being implemented within the educational activities

Education of students in the following subjects:

  • Thermodynamics; Heating, Air Conditioning and Solar Energy (in basic academic studies),
  • Heating and air conditioning apparatus and plants; Solar technology (in graduate academic studies),
  • Modeling of Energy-Ecological Behavior of Buildings; Solar Technology (in doctoral studies),
  • Preparation of final, master's and doctoral theses in these fields

Continuing education of graduate mechanical engineers in this field through lectures and forums on the following topics:

  • The Science and Art of Archival Engineering Publication. 2008
  • "Is Renewable Energy a Salvation for Our Planet?"
  • "Is the future already among us: houses without energy costs ?? !!" 2010.

Professional activity

The following prototypes have been developed within the Center:

  • Solar concentrator for heat production,
  • Solar hybrid collector for heat and electricity generation,
  • Solar hybrid concentrator for heat and power generation.

Publishing textbooks, monographs and magazines in this field.

  • Solar technique, script.

Manager of the Center - Dr. Nebojsa Lukic, full professor


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