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The Center for Integrated Product and Process Development and Intelligent Systems - CIRPIS was established in 2003 through a redesign of the former Center for Computer Technology. The idea of ​​redesign is based on the trends of higher education and research activities in the field of production engineering and mechanical engineering in general, as well as applied information and communication technologies that are advocated in Europe and the world. With the consent and support of prof. Ratko Mitrović, founder and manager of the Center for Computer Technologies, at the end of 2002, an initiative was launched to modernize and redesign the activities and activities of the Center.


Modern trends in product development and accompanying processes have imposed the need to integrate a number of different activities that allow the conceptual product idea to be translated into an elaborate and detailed model, ie the application of inter- and multidisciplinary approaches. At the same time, simultaneous optimization of products and accompanying processes is provided and excellent effects are achieved in terms of overall performance of product development and production. Such a set of management and development activities, derived from the concept of competitive engineering, is called integrated product and process development (IRPP). The IRPP methodology provides the necessary basis for the overall development of products of various types of complexity, and is fully supported by technology and software systems for automation of design, analysis, testing and product development, or PLM systems (Product Lifecysle Management system). product life cycle management). Today, it is one of the key industrial concepts that has a very solid scientific basis. The mentioned activities include a pronounced desire to preserve, use and manage construction-technological, production and business resources of knowledge. The imperative of the application of intelligent systems technologies, which include the so-called Knowledgeware technology is completely justified and is set as one of the basic requirements. Hence, there is a clear need to organize the Center, which with its activities and activities contributes to the modernization of teaching and scientific processes at the Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac and contributes to the development of industry in the region and beyond.


CIRPIS Center emphasizes activities aimed at innovative and intelligent technologies, additional work with undergraduate and postgraduate students, organizing specialist courses and journalism. At the same time, special attention is paid to maintaining a high level of attractiveness and modernity of scientific and professional disciplines that are nurtured within the Center, as well as monitoring modern trends in the field of application of modern technologies in engineering.

The key objectives of the Center are:

  • modernization of teaching according to European and world standards,
  • raising the level of attractiveness of teaching and profession,
  • modernization of scientific research work,
  • stronger connections with industry,
  • introduction and improvement of innovative technologies,
  • creating basic preconditions for knowledge transfer and
  • involvement in international projects.


The main activities of the CIRPIS Center are related to:

  • scientific research,
  • education through regular teaching activities,
  • organizing specialist courses,
  • providing services and consulting and
  • journalistic activity.

Scientific Research

CIRPIS's research activities include both theoretical and applied research and development. The following can be singled out as special sub-areas:

  • 3D product modeling,
  • 3D modeling of the product development process,
  • Reverse engineering and processing of engineering and biomedical images,
  • Product and process optimization,
  • Application of artificial intelligence methods in product and process development,
  • 3D modeling in bioengineering,
  • Development of “digital duplicates”.

Since 2018, through active multi-year commitment and promotion of CAD / CAM technologies and 3D modeling of products and processes, CIRPIS Center and the Faculty of Engineering have introduced the latest PLM software platform 3DEXPERIENCE, which combines several key applications for product lifecycle management: CATIA , SOLIDWORKS, BIOVIA, GEOVIA, DELMIA, SIMULIA, 3DVIA, NETVIBES, EXALEAD, ENOVIA, 3DEXCITE.

Educational Activities

CIRPIS's educational activities are threefold:

  • educational activities within the regular teaching of undergraduate studies,
  • educational activities within the teaching of postgraduate studies, and
  • educational activities related to organizing and conducting courses, seminars and workshops.

Provision of Services and Consulting

CIRPIS Center provides professional services in the field within the scope of the Center, to all interested users. In addition, the activity of CIRPIS is related to consulting services related to the introduction of innovative CAD / CAM systems.

Journalistic Activity

Through the activities in the field of scientific research activities of CIRPIS, the publication of scientific research papers is especially motivated and directed, especially monographs and textbooks that should compensate for the great lack of literature in these fields in our language. In addition to over 100 scientific research papers published in leading international and domestic journals and presented at international conferences, the Center has published the following books: "Software solutions for CAD / CAM systems", "CAD / CAM technologies", "3D modeling" products - methodical collection of tasks "," Practicum for CAD / CAM - Augmented Reality "," Bioengineering of scoliosis "," Information system for 3D diagnostics and monitoring of scoliosis ". In the past period, the center's associates have been involved in 10 domestic and international projects.

International Cooperation

Since its establishment, the CIRPIS Center has actively developed cooperation with the following foreign universities: Paris Nord Université (Université Paris 13) (FR), University of Brighton (UK), Democritus University of Thrace (GR), University of Birmingham (UK), University of Maribor (SI), Tampere University of Technology (FI), University of Montenegro, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Université Paris 6) (FR), Beihang University (CN).

Manager of the Center - Dr. Suzana Petrović Savić, Assistant Professor 

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Faculty of Engineering          University of Kragujevac

Sestre Janjić street, no. 6 - 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia

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