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image001CeVIP was founded in 2006. The founder is prof. Dr. Vesna Mandic. The center has the necessary capacity to apply innovative virtual engineering technologies in product and process development - VM technologies (Virtual Manufacturing). VM system is a set of activities in integrated development and design of products and processes that are realized in a computer environment, with the aim of modeling, simulating and optimizing the product and process. Profitability is increased by reducing production costs, saving materials, eliminating failures, shortening time and costs of product development and tool design by reducing failed trial-and-error attempts.


Work on the Realization of Scientific Research Projects

Theoretical, applied and development research within the following sub-areas:

  • Modeling and numerical simulation of technological processes in sheet metal processing and volumetric plastic molding;
  • Application of CAD / CAM / CAE technologies in product, process and tool design
  • Optimization of production processes;
  • FEM / FVM simulation of various material processing processes using the most modern VM software, to assess product quality, tool life;
  • Development of new and redesign of existing technological processes of product manufacturing;
  • 3D visualization of products and processes using virtual models and VR equipment.

Development of VMnet - Virtual Production User Networks

For the effective transfer of knowledge and technology and the provision of technological services, CeVIP has formed VMnet - a network of users of virtual production VMnet, which has over 1400 registered members from the Western Balkans. VMnet also brings together 13 leading experts in the field of production technologies, materials, IT, simulation of technological processes, rapid prototyping, reverse engineering, design and marketing. In addition to expertise, by joining the network, companies get a quality, timely and cheap development cycle and can optimize existing products and processes.

Provision of Services and Consulting

  • Preparation of feasibility studies and consulting in their implementation;
  • Consulting in the introduction of innovative VM technologies;
  • Tool wear check and life estimation through FE models;
  • FE product quality assessment;
  • Tool making simulation;
  • Optimization of processes and tools and improvement of existing products and processes using the latest VM software;
  • Prevention of defects in technological processes;
  • Preparation of photorealistic images, virtual reality and multimedia presentations;
  • Accuracy control of CNC machines, using QC10 ballbar devices.

In the past period, cooperation was achieved within the services and specific projects with the following companies and institutions: "Ekofarm", "Toza Markovic", "Zastava preseraj", "Metalac INCO", "Zastava kovacnica", "Petar Drapsin", "Jucit invest", Fadip, Woksal, Metal product, Assema, SCGM, Nissal, Alatnica Unior, "Hemotehna", "Blažeks", WBC center BOSAI, "Prvi Partizan", Institute of Automobiles Zastava, ITNMS, WEBA, "Metalka" Majur, "Milanović Inženjering" , "Budućnost", IVA28, "Sloboda" FSP, ASB tools, "Prva petoletka", INMOLD, FAD, "Metalac bojleri", "Metalac posuđe", Zastava "Vojna fabrika", Unior formingtools.

Participation in international projects

Part of the activities within the Center is aimed at preparing applications for participation in European projects (FP6 / FP7, EUREKA, WUS, EAR programs, CEPUS ...). CeVIP staff has so far been involved in the implementation: two TEMPUS projects, one WUS Austria, eLearning WUS and CDP + WUS project, two bilateral projects, one EAR-EDEP, FP6, 3E and GIZ, led by prof. dr Vesna Mandić and one EUREKA / ASMATA project, led by prof. Dr. Milentije Stefanović.

Teaching in academic and doctoral studies

Machines and tools in deformation processing, Modeling and simulation in OMD, Virtual Engineering, Modern Procedures pl. design, CAD / CAM / CAE 1 and 2.

Development of young scientific staff

Education of postgraduate students in the field of VM technologies, assistance in preparing doctoral dissertations.

Organizing and Conducting Knowledge Innovation Courses, Seminars and Workshops

For engineers in business, in the field of application of commercial FE software and equipment that support VM technologies, etc.

Journalistic Activity

Scientific papers in domestic and foreign journals and conferences, monographs, textbooks, brochures, technical reports and so-called. good practice reports.


CeVIP is equipped with state-of-the-art virtual production software (Simufact, Stampack, Delcam PowerMill, Vulcan), CNC machine control equipment (Renishaw QC10 ballbar), Virtual Reality equipment (Infocus DepthQ 3D projector, 5 pairs of NuVision 60GX stereoscopic glasses, motion WinTracker with 3 sensors, IR emitter, Wizard software).

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Renishaw QC10 BallBar CNC machine control device

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Manager of the Center - Dr. Vesna Mandić, full professor

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Faculty of Engineering          University of Kragujevac

Sestre Janjić street, no. 6 - 34000 Kragujevac, Serbia

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