Centre for Bioengineering

The Center for Bioengineering was founded in June 2006 on the initiative of professors Miloš Kojić and Nenad Filipović. The first and current manager is Professor Nenad Filipović. The center was established as a result of numerous international and domestic scientific projects and international works in the field of bioengineering.

Center activities

  • Simulation of cardiovascular systems
  • Plaque growth simulation
  • Respiratory system simulation
  • Simulation of muscle function
  • Sports biomechanics
  • Drug transport simulation
  • Optimal stent design and application of nanotechnology in medicine
  • Predicting tumor growth
  • Medical image processing
  • Development of devices with application in biomedicine
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Over 160 papers have been published in leading international journals, over 100 papers at international conferences, 5 software, 2 textbooks.

The associates of the center participated in 11 national projects and 23 international projects (FP7, COST, Horizon2020, SCOPES).

More than 12 pieces of equipment worth over 500,000 euros were procured. Over 15 doctorates were in this field. Projects in the field of computer simulations of cardiovascular systems, respiratory systems, biomechanical characteristics in the field of physiatry, design and testing of stents, design and construction of scaffolds for stem cell carriers were realized.


  • Dynatek intravascular stent-graft tester

image003Large vascular test prostheses, designed to create an accelerated cyclic pulsating load of synthetic or biological blood vessels. They can test up to 24 samples - radial fatigue testing - physiologically compliant test method (method A *). Large vascular prostheses function by adjusting the initial pressure, simulating diastolic pressure, then pulsing samples to simulate systolic pressure using a precise harmonic drive device. This tester is designed to test 6 mm ID samples for all desired shapes. The number of samples is determined by the shape and strength required to achieve the target buckling. The PC 7000 system controls speed, pressure and temperature, recording the number of cycles and enabling graphical recording of pressure signals using high-precision pressure transducers.

  • Bose ElectroForce stent testers 8 test tubes model 9120-8 SGT

slika 4 Life cycle testing and radial fatigue testing - test method based on radial bending (method B *). This electrical stent / graft testing device verifies the fatigue of intravascular prostheses such as stents, grafts, occluders and bypasses (under the physiological displacement simulation, the Instruments are designed to provide automated control of long-term, 400-600 million cyclic tests.

  • Bose ElectroForce dynamic torch breaker up to 22N for stent testing, model 3100

slika 5 Lifetime testing and fatigue testing for other loads for different stents. Extremely versatile and robust, the system performs a wide range of simple and advanced material tests including: Tensile / Compressive, axial fatigue test, axial / torsional fatigue test, friction fatigue, determination of viscoelastic properties, product durability testing. Its flexible hardware and software platform allows the use of multiple axes, sensors and test chambers when designing a test application.

  •  Tissue engineering equipment
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Development of a scaffold for artificial blood vessels. Electrospinning methods, bioreactor and design of new tissue carriers. Computer-aided tissue engineering design.

Manager of the Center - Dr. Nenad Filipović, full professor

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