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Regional Center for Continuing Education - RCPO was established in 2005 within the project "Formation and promotion of a sustainable Regional Center for Continuing Education". The mentioned project was financed by the European Union, and realized by the European Agency for Reconstruction within the Regional Socio-Economic Development Program (RSEDP). The project was also financially supported by the City Assembly of Kragujevac.

The Regional Center for Continuing Education is working to provide preconditions for the introduction of a developed system of continuing education in the region of Šumadija and Pomoravlje.

Vocational education in the 21st century is becoming a factor and one of the key actors in economic and social development and a factor in improving modern social and economic relations. In the conditions of built efficient system of social partnership and joint action of all relevant actors, it creates experts who can get involved in fierce domestic and international competition in all areas of the economy.

The specificity of countries in transition, from the point of view of education, is that structural changes are much faster and more painful than those in developed European countries, so it is necessary to quickly, through additional training and retraining, change the structure of existing knowledge and skills.

Highly educated staff in companies have significant experience and practical knowledge that should be transferred to young people, and efforts should be made to involve them as much as possible in the educational process.

The development of human potential in the region and the promotion of its socio-economic development should lead to the creation of favorable conditions for the development of entrepreneurship in all production and service sectors. Restructuring companies in global competition is a very important element of society's adjustment, and only sufficiently professional and educated staff can support these efforts. This means that special attention must be paid to retraining and additional training.

The general goal of the Regional Center for Continuing Education is to promote, develop and implement training programs to improve the knowledge and skills of the unemployed, employees and employers, which should contribute to economic and social cohesion of all groups in Serbia through the promotion of regional economic development.

The specific objectives of the Center are:

  • Promotion and introduction of permanent education,
  • Increasing the expertise and employment of the workforce,
  • Increasing professional and geographical mobility of the workforce,
  • Raising the level of competitiveness of companies,
  • Increasing the quality of products and service
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Multimedia classroom of the Center

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Center office

The Regional Center for Continuing Education is located at the Faculty of Engineering in Kragujevac. The space of the Center consists of a fully equipped office and a multimedia classroom with twenty seats.

Teachers and associates of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences in Kragujevac are engaged in the work of the Regional Center for Continuing Education, whose activities are related to the activities of the Center. Also, eminent experts from other faculties and institutions are engaged in the work of the Center, depending on the activities and needs.

The activities of the Regional Center for Continuing Education are:

  • Promoting lifelong learning;
  • Creating conditions for the realization of the principles of lifelong learning of adults;
  • Development and adaptation of programs, methods and organization of continuing education to individual characteristics of adults;
  • Development of various professional modules that would help professional development of employees;
  • Building partnerships and joint responsibility of all actors in the implementation of quality and timely lifelong adult education;
  • Establishing an information system and connecting institutions dealing with education, training and employment;
  • Building a network of institutions for continuing adult education;
  • Analysis of needs and expediency of human resources development in companies;
  • Providing advisory assistance to individuals and companies in which types of knowledge should be invested, taking into account: personal potentials of individuals, current market needs and appropriate market perspectives;
  • Use and affirmation of multimedia education in certain areas of adult education;
  • Development of new forms of non-formal education (distance learning, etc.).

One of the most important goals of the Regional Center for Continuing Education, in addition to promoting the system of continuing education in the region of Sumadija and Pomoravlje, is to organize courses in areas for which there are obvious needs and interests, identified from previous experiences, preliminary research and specific requirements. Two types of courses are envisaged, namely:

  1. Trainings, which include activities on acquiring knowledge and skills for certain occupations. They consist of theoretical and practical work.
  2. Seminars, which relate to raising the level of professional knowledge and within them, participants will be introduced to modern technologies, methods and their implementation.

Participants are provided with all the necessary conditions to master the subject of the seminar or training in the simplest possible way and to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to improve their employability and adaptability to market conditions.

Some of the seminars held so far are:

  • Diagnostics of modern vehicles;
  • New technologies in sheet metal processing;
  • New technologies in hot forging;
  • Modern concepts of heat exchangers;
  • Modern procedures for joining materials and methods of repairing new and damaged parts;
  • Modern approach in adult education;
  • Human Resource Management;
  • Project manager of fair activities.

In 2009, several educational seminars were held at the Regional Center for Continuing Education, organized by the Business Start-up Center - Kragujevac.

Business Start-up Center in Kragujevac supports students, recent graduates and young (potential) entrepreneurs to start and improve their small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the Republic of Serbia. Business Start-up Center in Kragujevac is just one branch of the network of business centers in Southeast Europe and the European Union.

Seminars held in cooperation with the Business Start-up Center:

  • Business communication and rhetoric
  • A business plan
  • Public speaking skills
  • Economic diplomacy
  • Internal communication in companies
  • Coaching
  • Managerial skills
  • Public Relations
  • Organization and development of the company
  • Establishing and running a small business
  • Basics of finance in running a business
  • Business communication
  • PR management in crisis situations
  • Legal and tax aspects of starting a business
  • Psychology of a successful entrepreneur
  • Foreign trade
  • My business strategy
  • Successful sales strategy
  • Teamwork
  • Business Innovation Management
  • Quality management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Small business systems management
  • Project cycle management
  • Stress management



Seminar - Project manager of fair activities


Seminar - New technologies in sheet metal processing


Seminar - Diagnostics of modern vehicles

Manager of the Center - Dr. Dragan Adamović, full professor

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