Centre for Materials and Welding

The main role of the Center for Materials and Welding is: raising the level of educational activities, the need to improve and advance scientific research in these areas, the need for continuing education of graduates in these fields, retraining of workers for welding and training at the request of economic organizations and the National Service for employment, provision of research and development and other services, holding presentations of domestic and leading world companies in these fields, etc.

Educational Activities

Improving the teaching and educational process, where students acquire the necessary practical knowledge of the subject: Mechanical Materials, Production Technologies (TZ), Production Technologies II (TL), Welding Science, etc. Within this activity, students are enabled to perform the following exercises through direct practical work:

  • Testing of materials and welded joints for tension, pressure, bending, shear, as well as determination of modulus of elasticity, both at room and at elevated temperatures;
  • Measurement of macro and microhardness;
  • Determination of impact toughness at room, low and high temperatures;
  • Determination of permanent dynamic endurance;
  • Non-destructive testing of materials;
  • Evaluation of steel hardenability, evaluation of microstructure, determination of grain size, size and shape of graphite inclusions in gray cast iron, determination of transformation temperatures, etc.
  • Performing all types of fusion welding (GPZ, REL, MAG / MIG, TIG, EPP) and electrical resistance, and practical training of students;
  • Performing procedures related to welding: gas cutting, surfacing, metallization, soldering, gluing and practical training of students;
  • Macroscopic and microscopic control of materials and welded joints;
  • Performing procedures for casting non-ferrous metals and their alloys;
  • Measurement of temperatures using temopairs at individual points of the welded / welded joint;
  • Performing experiments for the needs of seminar, diploma / master and other papers from the above and related subjects, both from the Department of Production Engineering and from other departments;

Scientific Research Activity

Conducting experimental tests for the needs of scientific research projects: line ministry, approved international projects, contracted projects with the local community and local businesses, contracted projects with manufacturers of basic and additional materials, manufacturers of welding machines, etc. Experimental research is being conducted for the needs of scientific research work of students of specialist and academic studies of all levels, etc.

Education of Graduate Experts

Holding seminars for professional development and innovation of knowledge in the following thematic areas: materials and heat treatment, welding and related processes, regeneration and repair of new and damaged parts, casting, soldering, thermal cutting, combustible gases for welding, cutting and burning , design and control of welded structures, testing of materials by non - destructive and destructive procedures, etc.


Training and retraining of workers for heat treatment and fusion welding procedures. This primarily refers to: Gas welder training, REL, MIG / MAG and TIG welding, Gas flame training, etc.

Provision of Services

Research and development and other services in the field of materials and welding are provided to users from the economy at their request. These services relate to:

  • Evaluation of weldability of steels, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and their alloys;
  • Design, prescribing and testing of complete welding and surfacing technology;
  • Testing of materials and welded joints for tension, pressure, bending, shear and determination of modulus of elasticity, both at room and at elevated temperatures;
  • Determination of permanent dynamic strength of welded joints;
  • Non-destructive testing of materials;


A number of presentations were held on welding machines manufactured by Varstroj-Slovenia or Daihen Varstroj-Slovenia / Japan, manufacturers of additional material FEP Plužine-Montenegro, manufacturers of additional material Elektrode Jesenice-Slovenia, etc. As a result of that cooperation, the mentioned exhibitors donated 2 devices for REL and MIG / MAG welding, certain quantities of additional material, etc. to the Faculty in Kragujevac. The benefits of such presentations were multiple: acquiring the latest knowledge in the field of development of additional materials, equipment and welding apparatus, affirmation of the Faculty and experts of the Center, etc.

The Most Important Implemented Activities

A large number of trainings in the field of welding for students - 76 students attended and obtained the IFC Certificate for the MAG / MIG welding procedure, of which 7 obtained a Certificate from an accredited institution; A number of welder trainings for REL and MAG / MIG welding procedures were conducted. More than 350 welders obtained the MFKg certificate and certificate; Burning training conducted for 6 workers of FAS Serbia; Control of welded joints and soldered joints for the needs of FAS Serbia; Prescribing welding technology for the responsible assemblies of the CERN-Switzerland research center; Repair of damaged pistons, press frames, large gears, forging tools, broken winders, damaged parts of SL, damaged large gearboxes, damaged working parts of construction machinery, etc. for the needs of different firms.

Equipment and Inventory

The Center for Materials and Welding performs its activities mainly on the existing equipment located in the departments for materials and welding. The list of the most important equipment is given within the description of the Laboratory for metal processing by deformation and machine materials.

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 Details from the student's practical training

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Details from theoretical and practical training of welders

Manager of the Center - Dr. Nada Ratković, associate professor

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