Centre for Composite and New Materials

The Center for Composite and New Materials, Faculty of Engineering, University of Kragujevac, is engaged in educational activities and providing services in the field of study, testing and application of new materials. The center holds courses in undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies at the Faculty of Engineering, as well as regular courses for organized groups.

Purpose of the center:

  • education in the field of technologies of new materials,
  • providing services in the implementation of new materials in engineering practice,
  • preparation of technical and technological documentation,
  • creation of databases of commercially available composites,
  • application of composite and new materials in the motor vehicle industry, purpose-built production, construction, etc.

The Center mostly performs its activities in room C-1-2.

The center bases its activity on the principles of topicality of research and the need expressed by the economy in the immediate and wider environment. After many years of work within the Laboratory for Composite Materials and Engineering Software, the Center was founded in 2006 and is engaged in theoretical, experimental and developmental research on the application of composite and new materials in the motor vehicle industry, special purpose industry and construction.

The subject of the research is to supplement the database obtained in basic and applied research of materials with pronounced anisotropic characteristics, such as composites and laminates, as well as the specifics of constituents, with the aim of application in various fields of technology. The subject of the center's interest is also the research of new materials, the understanding of which enables optimal application in a wide range of technical problems.

The practical goal of the center is to improve analytical and numerical tools for estimating the behavior of the structure, which are verified through laboratory tests and the execution of real constructions. The developed methods can be used universally in all branches of technology that use materials with special requirements.

The test results are of special importance for the designers, who easily get the relevant data needed for the final decision on the characteristics of the materials to be used. Knowledge of allowable and achieved voltage states is a prerequisite for the optimization process, which selects the most favorable from the whole family of composite configurations according to one of the given optimality criteria.

Special attention was paid to composites with polymer matrix, composites with metal matrix and laminates. It must be borne in mind, however, that the interaction of any component with the environment can significantly affect the properties and capabilities of the composite.

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Center for Composites and New Materials

Application of composite panels of the "Alukobond" type and laminated glass

Epoxy resin matrix composites require special preparation for experimental testing. The wide application of epoxy resin as a matrix is ​​based on its extraordinary property of hot wetting. In recent times, however, there are more and more new resins with improved capabilities in which this property has also been improved. In most cases, in which the protective layer is performed, it is difficult to achieve and maintain conditions 100% without defects.

Also, the center deals with new functionally gradient materials, their mechanical characteristics and application in a wide range of technical problems.

Researchers who conduct their research within the Center for Composite and New Materials, successfully defended their doctoral dissertations, and a large number of students in the preparation of master's, diploma and final exams, part of the research was conducted under the auspices of the Center.

As an illustration of the center's activities, we state that several technical solutions related to composite and laminate structures have been realized, realized through research within projects financed by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development and Komerc Invest from Belgrade under the Agreement on Direct Technical Cooperation .

Manager of the Center - Dr. Gordana Bogdanović, full professor

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